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Co-pilot for Tesla is all about helping Tesla drivers safely enjoy and get the most out of their Teslas.

With Co-pilot, you'll find yourself logging more Autopilot miles, using it with greater confidence, and having fun while doing it! In turn, you'll be helping advance the development of autonomous driving and making the roads safer for everyone.

Autopilot/Autosteer is an incredible technology built by Tesla Inc, currently achieving Level 3 autonomy and working towards full autonomous driving. While current systems are improving driver safety and saving lives, Autopilot isn't perfect (and not expected to be, for a Level 3 system). The biggest safety risk in this semi-autonomous system is the abrupt transfer of control from Vehicle to Driver when the autonomous system is unable to process the current road situation.

By having a connected community of Co-pilot users, we're able to help each be much more aware of roads and hazards that affect semi-autonomous driving, and avoid the split-second surprise of "here take back the wheel, I don't know how to handle this part".

How does it work?

The Co-pilot app uses a combination of your mobile device and your Tesla vehicle (via Tesla Inc.'s API) to gather information and data used to build your Trips, and the Co-pilot map layers.

For those unfamilar with the Tesla API, this technology allows the Co-pilot app to connect to your vehicle and perform various functions. As an example, the Tesla API can be used to obtain your vehicle's battery level, get the current location of the vehicle, or tell you if the vehicle is Parked or in Drive.

Your mobile device helps to provide other pieces of data, such as fine-grained Location data to help build your Trips, or tone detection of when Autopilot is enabled or disabled.

What does this boil down to?

As a user, you just open up the Co-pilot app and drive!

Co-pilot automatically figures out when your vehicle is in Drive to build your new Trip. Everytime you enable Autosteer in your vehicle, you'll passively help contribute Autosteer data. Users can also take a more active community role by reporting Autosteer problems, which are used to give other drives a heads-up as they approach those road segments.