for Tesla

"Safely Pioneering the Autonomous Driving Revolution, Together."

Co-pilot is the world's first community-based mobile app designed to enrich your Tesla driving and Autopilot experience. Come join other drivers in sharing knowledge of roads being Autopiloted.

The Co-pilot Community

With the power of the community, Co-pilot provides clear visual indication of which roads are frequently Autopiloted, somewhat Autopiloted, a teeny-bit Autopiloted, or not at all.

My Trips

Your smartphone and your Tesla vehicle working in harmony to provide a wealth of data and statistics of all your trips.

Drive Safety

Avoid the dreaded "OH !?@#*!" moments when control abruptly changes from car to driver when Autosteer is unable to navigate the situation. Co-pilot gives you advanced warnings from other drivers, and provides an easy interface for you to feedback Autosteer hazards encountered during your trip.


We've created Co-pilot to be hands-free so you can focus on enjoying your drive. Automatically detect when you're in Drive/Parked/Charging? Yep! Detect when Autosteer is Engaged/Disengaged? Check. Just hop in and drive!

Available now for iOS:

We'll be happy to keep you informed when the Android version is ready!